Vanished! Millions disappear in a split second

rapture-3Imagine the scenes of missing people at the same time that occur in all parts of the world. Cars will collide because drivers vanished in a wink of an eye. How about aircrafts crashing because the pilots disappear also? The cry of the families of the missing will become strong that scientific explanations are not enough. Absolutely, one of the greatest events in the history that is foretold in the bible approaches with great anticipation to those who understands and with a surprise to those who know nothing.

Call it tragedy for those who are left behind. Call it unfortunate for those who are ill prepared. Call it the misdeeds of not knowing the time. Call it a mystery. This is an event that will create havoc to the world.

In the bible in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 “After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever”. This is an event when many people who are alive will “be caught” up together or “snatch away”. Nothing happen like this yet in the history of the world that every Christian assumes it to be in the near future.

The Lord Jesus will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the archangel’s call, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. Jesus will command those who are in the grave to be also in the clouds together with the alive. Only the dead in Christ will arise from the grave and those who are alive (only Christians) will be with Jesus in the air.

Happy are those who are going to be raptured but a torment for those who are left behind. Not to neglect the fact that I have the same view as the pre-trib believers. To depart from this world by not going to the Seven Day Tribulation is truly a healthy consolation.

Don’t be left behind. Rapture can happen anytime. You need to have Jesus as your Lord and Savior!

How to Make Money Online Blogging?

make-money-blogging“But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.” Deuteronomy 8:18

Back in 2004, I started blogging using my AOL account. Given the privilege to live in the land of “opportunities” called the United States for nine years, I installed the AOL CD which I usually found it on our mailbox. I knew I can write but I had a hard time getting my posts live. I stayed with my AOL blog until I found a better platform which was the Geocities. I can still remember my url: Because of the floating ads at the right side of my blog, I desired of finding another platform,

I never dreamed of making money through my blog. I always wanted just to express myself through the articles and hopefully find some audience. I spent about four hours a day just mastering the blogger or blogger platform at that time. Here’s one of my first set of blog:

It came to pass that within blogger is the “heaven sent” Adsense in which it opens my eyes that anything is possible under the sun. I promoted my blogs though forums and messageboards at that time for those are the only ways I knew. Blogger is the gateway for me to meet friends and to buy my own domain.

To make money online is not an overnight success. It takes time and effort to fully understand how it works. When I kept publishing my articles, I saw some $0.05 per click in my adsense earnings. It talk me about a year to get the $100 threshold in Adsense back in those days. I never gave up and I believed that I am going to pursue blogging as my part-time job.

Once your blog is running and you are publishing articles, you can make money online in many ways.

1. Adsense – Many publishers find Adsense as the best way to earn money online. By placing Adsense in the blog, the maximum possible earnings is on the way. Adsense is easy to incorporate it in your blog. Just copy and paste the code and it is set to go. However, many complain about the difficulties in entering into the Adsense program. Back in the days, it’s was just easy to get approved. Nowadays, it’s like threading a needle. But as long as you have the traffic and the contents, you will get approved in Adsense.

2. Infolinks – It is a compliment to Adsense. It’s easy to get an account. It allows you to integrate ad unites into your pages. Infolinks is the best partner of adsense according to many bloggers. As a publisher, you will get the payment through Paypal. Though some of the readers are annoyed by the Ads, it is still a possible alternative to utilize your content to make money.

3. Private Sponsorships – As your blog becomes authoritative because of your great content, company’s will contact you to place their ads in your blog. Usually, big companies approaches you to offer certain amounts just to place their ads in a given period of time. Sometimes they will ask you for a month just to test if it’s worth their money. But if they found out that your blog has great traffic, they acquire ad placements for a year.

4. Affiliate Programs – There are plenty of affiliate programs that a blogger should try. In affilliate programs, the visitors of your blog will be a potential buyer. Once a visitor purchases a product through those programs, you will get a commission. Amazon is one of the most populare affiliate programs today yet you can also try CJ and ShareaSale. Most of the advertisers want decent amount of traffic before you get their approval.

5. E-Books – Using your blog as an avenue to sell is one of the ways to make money. Blogging is giving up free information to your readers. But to write your success story and sell it through your blog is another side of the coin. It mean’s that the E-Book is unique that you haven’t shared yet in your blog. Many bloggers write E-Books on how they build their blog and found success.

6. Sell Your Blog – If your blog reaches into a full proportion, many rich people will notice about your traffic. They will see the potential of your blog and they will just contact you to buy your blog. Your blog is a great possession like a real estate that others want to have.

There are many factors that will contribute to the success of your journey in blogging. Just take it one step at a time. review: What is Blingee?

blingeeDo you need to animate your picture without using photo editing software like Adobe Image Ready? I just discovered Blingee as the new kid on the block in the area of web image editing that can enhance your ordinary photo into an amazing art to capture the eyes of your friends.

A free editing online program that features simple icons to use in order to process your image. Though it lacks the capabilities that can match other editing softwares. Blingee can be productive tool in using your finished animated image by exporting it into your avatars, postcarts, stamps and badgers.

Furthermore, the pictures that you enhanced can be downloaded into your computer. Also, you can automatically feed it into your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

If you want your pictures to have life in it, you can utilize

Blingee Plus is now available in which a download is needed. Blingee Plus allows you to work with layers and it provides you more avenue to make your image more appealing in nature.

Seven Ways to Increase Blog Traffic through Social Media Marketing

socialmedia-1024x785Never forget the power of social media marketing in relation to getting blog traffic. To promote your blog and add daily audience, social media marketing is one of the best options.

Gone are the days when the large numbers of traffic originated from the search engines. Social media is now an effective tool in marketing your blog or website.

Social media marketing is a part of the solution in increasing the traffic of a blog. Popularly accepted as a solution because of proven effectiveness and efficiency, social media cannot be neglected at all.

Before launching your time in the world of social media marketing, consider experimenting first the big traffic drawer which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn, Google Plus and Youtube. Add more social media’s in the promotion as you test the worthiness of these social media websites.

1. Create your account on these social media websites

The first and foremost a blogger has to do is to open an account on each of the mentioned social media sites above. It could only take few minutes to do it and it will not bother enough time. However, if you already have accounts but are not using them for blog promotion, then let’s get deeper.

2. Add friends in Social Media accounts

Once you created all the accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkIn, Instagram, and etc… Make sure to add friends who will be the possible visitors in your blog. Having thousands of friends or followers is a must before promoting your blog.

3. Add your blog content in your profiles

In this blog I am using the Publicize Module of the WordPress Jetpack to feed my profiles with my blogposts automatically. It is amazing that I don’t need to post the urls of my blogposts individually to my accounts. When clicking Publish in my Dashboard, my posts can be seen of Facebook, LinkIn, Google Plus, Path and Tumblr.

4. Link Blog from social media profiles

Make sure that the URL of the blog is linked in your profile. In the Facebook profile or page, in Twitter Bio, in LinkIn profile, and in Google Plus profile. In this way your friends, circles and followers know the url of your blog. It’s not a tiresome thing to do, just few clicks and it is done!

5. Add “Follow Me” or “Share” social media icons to your blog

An easier way for your readers to connect with you by following or liking your blog. If the article is captivating, most of the times the readers will like it. It’s like bookmarking just to be certain that the readers desire to visit your blog again.

6. Increase your presence in your network

You reap what you sow. This means that you have to be active in liking their posts also so that they do it in return. Most of the social media users tend to respond when you are showing them favor. Expect them to do what you are doing also in due time.

7. Write the things you love

Express the topic that your are proficient in writing. Tell them that you are an expert in this niche. Once you capture their hearts, they keep coming to your blog from the links or posts in your social media account.

SEO Basics for WordPress Beginners: How to optimize for search engines

Do you have a WordPress blog and you don’t know how to get traffic through SEO? Blogging through WordPress platform can be challenging as it provides large scope of learning and adapting to change.

Search Engine Optimization is a free way to have your blog in the search engines like Google and Bing. As a blogger, your WordPress blog must be optimized so that it will have a chance in competing with others in the search engines.

SEO basics for WordPress bloggers are to be learned so that there will not be so many changes in the future. It should be undertaken just right after installing a wordpress blog in selected domain or free host.

Here’s the basic SEO moves for a blogger using WordPress.

1. Select a Theme with the content at the left while the sidebar/s at the left.

New bloggers tend to neglect the necessity of having your content at the right side. Search engines crawl the right side first. It is wise to have a theme that meets this simple requirement though the default theme when you install WordPress is a perfect fit.

2. Define Your Blog

Think carefully about what your blog is all about. Go to your Dashboard then Setting.

Make sure the title fits your content. The title of the blog is clearly important in this matter. Fill in the fields of the Title and also the Tagline.

3. Change the Header Code at the

This is all about the H1 tag in which the title of your blogposts will appear. In changing this, you are preparing the title of your post to be indexed first and not the title of your blog.

At your Dashboard, go to Appearance > Editor and select Header

Look for the Title Tag and remove everything, it is like this: click to enlarge


Though I admit that this is not a universal code that can be added in all the wordpress themes, I used it in most of the themes, thus far, it all works.

4. Change the Permalinks / Custom Structure

The default WordPress permalinks is not search engine friendly. Most bloggers change it for their benefits. For this blog I used the Day and name as my permalinks custom structure.

These are the four ways for a publisher to optimize his/her wordpress blog. Once these steps are followed, aspire to learn more about SEO basics outside WordPress.

How to deactivate a Jetpack Module Feature with pictures

Jetpack by WordPress composes of plugins which can be easily added by connecting your blog to It comprises of important plugins that are necessary to add juice to a blog. It’s like going to restaurant and ordering a package menu.

I just installed the Jetpack by in my blog. I experimented in activating some of the modules. However, upon seeing my blog that it needed not all these decorations, I decided to try to remove other modules. The problem, I don’t know how to deactivate a module or feature. It took me some time to find the way to deactivate the module because I couldn’t see the deactivate button.

How to deactivate a module or feature in Jetpack?

Here’s the normal buttons in one of the Jetpack modules or features, example the Likes module. The module is not activated yet.
Jetpack Likes Module

By clicking “Activate”, the module picture will be like this. There’s no way to do anything to remove it except to ask the question, “how to remove the feature?”

Jet Pack 2

It’s simple, just click on the Learn More and it will show the Deactivate Button. Then click Deactivate.


I hope it helps you the easier way.

Promote Blog through Facebook effectively

Let others know your website or blog through Facebook? One of the tactics of bloggers these days is to get traffics from social networking sites especially Facebook. Without a question, Facebook rises as the most visited social website in the world. Millions of Facebook addicts are potential audience for your created blog.

In promoting your blog or website through Facebook, a blueprint must be in place. Some blogs have the maximum approach in marketing their blog through FB. However, many failed to deliver the necessary tactics that they are like in the wilderness wandering.

Here are the steps in promoting your blog through Facebook.

1. Create a Page

Create a Facebook Page
Select what type of page :

Local Business or Place
Company, Organization or Institution
Brand or Product
Artist, Band or Public Figure
Cause or Community

Make the page attractive by adding a profile and cover pictures. Make sure that you add the url of your blog in the cover picture. This is one of the most important pieces of the page.

2. Invite your friends to like your page.

In my experience, by inviting them through the auto invite doesn’t instigate your friends to like your page. Probably only 10 % of your friends will respond. The next thing you do is to ask them to like your page through private message. You got to PM them individually. They will act quickly once they read the message.

3. Published the link of your post in Facebook.

Don’t just let the link to show. Facebook users want it with an image to grab their attention. Make your image attractive.

4. With the link and image, Tag some of your friends in the image.

If you tag 50 of your friends, your link will be shown to their timelines, thus, exposing it to all their friends. If each of your friends have 500 friends, then many people will see your post.

5. Ask your friends to Share your post

You got to exert effort in promoting your blog. Message some of your friends to share your post and not only like it. This will reach more audience to see your blog.

6. Promote through sponsored post

You can promote your blog by paying to Facebook. However, I advise you to try only $5 for a trial. It’s worth trying this avenue of promoting your blog through Facebook.

Note: Luring your friends to read your article by going to your blog takes an effort. By taking these steps, you open your blog to your Facebook friends.

How to Choose the Right Partner for Life: 7 Simple Steps

valentines2“Humanap ka ng panget at ibigin mong tunay” or “Find a homely person and love him/her sincerely?” One of the Filipino songs in the 90′s that changed the perspectives of millions in terms of loving others. It tells the lover that it is not outside that matters most but deep within the person. Though in part it is a right but something is better.

God intends for an individual to have a life-time partner. It all started in the garden of Eden when He gave Adan a partner named Eve. It wasn’t sufficient for a man to be alone that he must have someone to live with.

Life is worth living for with a partner for life. It’s not good to be alone in facing the struggles and turmoils of life. “Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their labor” Eccleciastes 4:9

Let’s look at the Seven Steps in How to Find Your Right Partner for Life.

1. Pray to God

Who is the greatest Match-Maker? There’s no way a true Christian can find his/her right partner without adding God into the equation. God is the giver of all things, that includes your future mate.

Ask God to give you the right person and as you serve Him you will meet him/her. Seek His will wholeheartedly so that you can have the patience that He will provide what you ask in due time.

2. Find Someone whom you have the same faith

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” 2 Corinthians 6:14.

A verse that Christians usually break because they neglected the First Step. It is a biblical principle in the Bible that must be obeyed. This is a command that Paul writes. It must be followed to have an effective search for your life-time partner.

Open yourself to fellow Christians who are single. Involve yourself in church programs and attend other Christian activities like seminars, prayer meetings, conventions and the like. By going to these activities, you let others know you and you allow yourself to know others.

3. Find someone whom you are attracted to

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In all the single Christians that you’ve met in attending those activities, were you attracted to someone? It’s unthinkable to find your potential partner without being attracted to him/her. Thus, you have these Christians whom you are attracted to. Again, let’s negate those of different faiths in this conversation. When I say “attracted to”, I am saying only those believers. Find someone who has enough “appeal” to you. This is not about the outside look but more of the personality of that person.

4. Set standards

There’s nothing wrong in setting standards. It’s the measuring stick of your prayer to God. When you pray to God, be specific of what you want. What do you like that your potential partner possesses? Examples below:

Matured Christian / Mature na Kristiyano
Handsome “Guwapo” / Beautiful “Maganda”
Tall / Matangkad / or Five footer
Working “Nagtatrabaho” / Kahit walang trabaho
Is he/she with the same age with me?
Christian parents / Kahit hindi ba?

You can set more than what is written above. Always remember you are like in a hiring mode with heart and mind open for your potential life-time partner.

5. Look for the person with the same interests as you

It would be impossible to keep a relationship long without the two persons having the same interests. Find a person who shares common interests with you. If you followed the first four steps, the Lord’s ministry can be the common interest. If you don’t share common interests, one will have to sacrifice his/her own just to satisfy his/her partner in the future. It would be very difficult to take that sacrifice.

6. Got to involve intellectual capacity

This may not sound perfect in your eyes. Yes, you must have the same intellectual capacity with your potential partner so that there will be life in your conversations. It can be boring if his/her thoughts are a lot deeper while the other has lower understanding of the matters. He/She must be able to grasp the essence of your conversations.

7. Spend Time with your potential partner

I must be careful in dealing about this matter for I have conservative views. I would prefer to use “spend time” in the sphere of friendship only and not dating. Get to know your future life-time partner through friendship by visiting her at their house with her parents around. Spend time with him/her in a group.

Note: It is the best way for a Christian to find his/her right partner when he/she already finished her college degree. It is still the best way to maintain a holy life by living out Psalms 37:4 which says “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart”.

How to Promote your Blog to Get Traffic and Visitors in Five Ways

Fives ways to effectively gain traffic to your blog

Fives ways to effectively gain traffic to your blog

You have created your blog but without traffic? This is the basic problem for the new bloggers yet it can be solved in due time.

In gaining traffic and visitors in a blog, a diligent work must be done. This is not an easy work for the blogger as he toils not in a short time but until he has traffic enough to be satisfied.

What’s worth a blog without readers? Thousands of bloggers attempt to start their journey in blogging but the stumblingblock always lies in having traffic. It centers more on how to promote the blog in all possible ways.

I started blogging in 2006 and I learned a lot of ways on how to promote blog in different ways. Because of the changes in recent years, there’s also got to be new styles of promoting blog especially these days that social media controls the minds of the readers.

Here are ways to promote your blog to gain traffic:

1. Content is king – Write articles that benefit your readers. An article that is well-written can absolutely gain traffic as it will be mentioned by the reader to his friends. Article that is concise and grammatically correct will captivate the attention of your possible future readers.

In the realm of article writing, originality is always on top into consideration. Of course the profundity of thoughts is also important to go deep through the minds of your followers.

The content is the apple of the eyes of the readers. It is the doorway to their heart and to be in loved with your blog. Once you have a great blog content, you can do the next step.

2. Include your site to Google – Google is the single most popular website in the world. Submitting the URL of your blog to Google will be the necessary in exploiting the millions of daily visitors in the search engine.

A. Submit your URL to Google at submit using your Google Webmastertools.
B. In submitting, you need to have your sitemap. You can install Google Sitemap Plugin.

After adding your blog to Google, then it’s time to add it also to, the second top search engine.

3. Use Social Media like Facebook and Google Plus – Your content makes you feel demanding on more readers. It’s time to use social media especially Facebook in promoting your blog. Tell your Facebook friends that you have a blog worth reading and that they can enjoy it. Post your article in Facebook and ask your friends to share it. In my future posts I will share steps-by-steps on how to promote blog in Facebook.

Fives ways to effectively gain traffic to your blog

Fives ways to effectively gain traffic to your blog

After Facebook, then you can maximize your Google Plus which is second to Google in social media. Create a profile in Google Plus and share your posts also.

There’s also Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkind, Blogger, Tumbler, Stumbleupon, WordPress, Flickr, Typepad, SoundCloud, etc…

4. Create Videos – You can also use videos in promoting your blog. Create a video that has a potential to become viral. In the video, never forget to mention or add the URL of your blog. Truly, one of the effective ways though this can also be under social media.

5. Join Forums – It’s not out of sight yet. Forums are still popular these days and that they have impact in a community. In joining a community through forums, you can add other networks to view your blog.

It consumes ample of time in learning these three ways of promoting your blog. Once you mastered all these five things, reward will come as you see staggering increase in your traffic and visitors.

There are still many ways to promote your blog but I believe these are the best ways in terms of their significance.

How to find Google Plus Id Number?

As one of the top social networking websites, Google Plus is not left behind in terms of keeping up with Facebook. Google Plus + has become important in the daily lives of the people who intends to be loyal with the products of Google.

The emergence of Google Plus disclosing one’s identity is crucial. If a company asks for the real information of a certain person, Google is the primary source. In connection with this, third party services and products have been developed that Google Plus Id numbers are needed to complete the application or task.

With the Google+ user ID numbers, it enables others to access user information like the pictures, followers, and numbers in the circle.

My WordPress plugins and widgets need my Google+ ID number so that my profile is open to the public. Google Plus ID is necessary for the plugins to be complete the installation or the purpose will not be met.

Here’s one of the ways to locate the Google Plus User ID Numbers:

1. Login to Google+.
2. Click on the “profile” tab to view your own profile.








3. Check on the address bar, it should look like this:


4. The Google Plus Id Numbers is this: 100461407219612140631